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Why You Should Hire Rotor Head for Your Next Shoot

If you are looking for an Aerial Filming Company with a Full Range of Helicopter Filming Solutions for Motion Picture & Television Production, then instead of dealing with multiple companies and making your shoot more complicated, hire just one team who can handle it all - hire Rotor Head!

We are a leading Australian aerial film company with a unique approach that we use to provide a complete range of high-quality helicopter filming solutions for film & television, streaming, & content productions. Managing multiple companies on just one project can be expensive and time-consuming, but shooting with Rotor Head ensures that you will be able to cover all of your aerial production needs in one place. Our Aerial Cinematographers & Film Pilots deliver outstanding service and are guaranteed to become valuable members of your creative team.


Our team has all of the equipment that you could ever need for your next project, including our own Airbus Helicopter, Shotover Camera system Rentals F1 & K1. Camera Equipment Rentals, Arri, Red Sony Venice, Angenieux. Unlike some other helicopter filming services, we specialise in aerial filming and already have all of the camera equipment on hand. There is no need to supply your camera when working with us, and we understand all there is to know about aerial filming, give us a shot to capture and we’ll get it done!


Our experienced team is headed up by aerial cinematographer David Knight and helicopter film pilot Duncan Packington. The two of us are an award-winning team with experience in multiple disciples and extensive national and international credits in TVC, feature film, TV drama, television & live broadcast. We have also collaborated with some of Australia’s most experienced directors, producers and production companies, and had the privilege of operating in South East Asia and the USA throughout our careers. We are an experienced team with a lifetime of creative collaboration, helicopter and camera operation and general filmography. Rotor Head has the know-how to bring your project and vision to life.

Fully Equipped

To make the process as convenient as possible for you and your team, Rotor Head can also provide additional services such as location scouting and photography as well as cast & crew transport.

Our fully equipped dedicated helicopter is equipped for Live Television broadcast helicopter aerial filming. Rotor Head uses an AS355 Twin Squirrel Helicopter, and because helicopter filming requires a very specific and delicate approach, we are always sure to operate the twin-engine helicopter to safely conduct low-level filming operations in an urban environment.

Rotor Head’s filming helicopter has been configured permanently with onboard monitoring, and broadcast digital links meaning that it is always ready to film the next shoot without any modifications required. As a renowned Australian aerial filming company, we provide incredible flexibility allowing our helicopter to be on standby ready to shoot 24/7 with our equipment already available for use. We can also guarantee that aerial filming with Rotor Head is very cost-efficient compared to other companies because we limit the number of teams required for filming, save production time and deliver a visual dynamic solution.


We have many years of experience providing helicopter filming services for feature films, television commercials, broadcasters, streaming services, content creators and production companies. This means that we aren't just talented videographers, we also know how to work with high-profile clients and offer expertise and professionalism at all times. Just some of our most impressive shoots include scenes filmed for:

● Netflix “True Spirit”

● Peter Rabbit 2

● Matchbox Pictures “Secret City”

● NYE Fireworks ABC

We also have demonstrably proven our ability to operate safely and discreetly in urban environments which gives our company an advantage in securing special CASA approvals to conduct low-level operations in complex urban environments with added safety margins. This saves you time in waiting for approvals and also guarantees quality from us as a team.

High Quality

Our specialist high-resolution, multi-camera array covers a 180-degree angle of view for content acquisition for volume environments, virtual production, and VFX. All shoots performed by us will be filmed in the highest quality and ready to be used by you as soon as we send them through. Filming with an inexperienced aerial filming company can mean taking a hit to the quality of your shots, but there is no need to worry when working with Rotor Head.


Because Rotor Head can offer all your requirements within just one company, means that we can collaborate with you on all angles of the project and ensure that you save both time and money. We operate our own Airbus Helicopter, camera equipment and Shotover camera systems, which allows us to meet production needs in the most cost-effective and most importantly, production friendly.


So if you are looking for an experienced team to provide helicopter filming services for your newest project, look no further than Rotor Head. We can offer everything you need without the necessity of hiring multiple crews just to film one shot and have the experience to guarantee the highest quality for your film.


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