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Australia's dedicated specialised  Cinematographer & Camera Pilot Team working Australia wide 


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Our Aerial Camera Systems & Equipment


Shotover World's leading & Academy Award wining production systems.

 Shotover K1 : 

K1 leading the field. Its six-axis gyro-stabilized platform, with straight-look-down capability, delivers unshakable stability and superior image. It can capture difficult angles, while in an aggressive flight attitude that other gimbals simply cannot match. The K1 has the highest payload capacity and some of the greatest flexibility among gimbals with its open-architecture design accommodating an almost limitless range of camera and lens setups. Without export restrictions, this system can be shipped anywhere in the world to meet your needs.

Shotover F1: 

The Shotover F1 i delivers completely parallel performance and stability to the K1, but in a smaller and lighter package.  The system can be fitted with the most popular Cine Cameras

& 4K Sony Live Broadcast  Cameras.

Camera & Lensing :

Arri Mini LF, Mini, Sony Venice, Red Camera Systems , the whole package one company


Our Film Helicopter always Crewed with Specialist Camera Pilots

Australia's  only dedicated Film & Television Helicopter service operating  24/7 . Our Helicopter is a Twin Engine Squirrel AS 355 ensuring safer operations in densely populated urban areas & overwater . The helicopter comes configured ready for Film & Live TV Broadcast with on board broadcast links. Crewed the Industries most experienced Film & Media Helicopter Camera Pilots, CASA approved Aerial Work


Why shoot with our team ?

Creative, collaborative  Industry Film  & Television Professionals , getting  your shoot done right and on budget !

Our focus is servicing your needs with our production friendly team. We bring together, Aerial Cinematographer, Camera Pilots , utilising our specialised camera equipment & Twin engine Squirrel helicopter. We work with you handling & co-ordinating  all aerial logistics,

CASA approvals, risk assessment & safety management . Our specialist Pilots meet the highest  Australian & International Productions Companies  Insurance & experience requirements .


Shoot or advice anytime 24/7

We Shoot  anywhere in Australia 

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